The best week of the year revealed.

The Groundwater Expo has changed its name to Groundwater Week in 2016. A new name for a new, bold, and fresh direction for the industry’s leading annual event.

Make your plans to now to join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 6-8.

Stay tuned to the latest news and updates below.

Latest News

Keynote Session Announced

Wednesday, December 7, 9:30-10:45 a.m.


NGWA and the Irrigation Association announce Peter G. McCornick, Ph.D., PE, D.WRE, an internationally known expert in water, food, and environmental research, as the featured speaker for the joint keynote session at their 2016 colocated shows — Groundwater Week and the Irrigation Show.

“Water for Food Security: Solutions for the Context” is the focus of the address by McCornick, who will be assuming the role of executive director of the Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska September 1.

Drawing on insights gleaned from his work in Africa and Asia, as well as the United States, McCornick’s presentation will consider the different contexts of the water-for-food challenge, and explore some of the potential solutions and opportunities to systematically address the challenges. Particular emphasis will be given to agricultural water management solutions, in terms of technologies, practices and policies, and to the opportunities to address the sustainability of critical groundwater resources.

“Food and water security are two major interrelated challenges facing the world. Producing enough food for a growing, urbanizing, and wealthier human population requires increasing the use of water and land, placing more pressure on already degraded ecosystems, especially if we do not manage the use of these resources well,” McCornick states.

Dedicated to improving the understanding of sustainable water resources management, McCornick has led research and development programs on water, agriculture, and the environment in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. His interest areas include water and food security, the water/food/energy nexus, water reuse, irrigation management, and water and climate adaptation. He has been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications, and regularly presents at major international events.

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Four Vying for NGWA Board Positions

Four groundwater industry professionals are running for three positions on the NGWA Board of Directors. Elections will take place during the annual Delegates Meeting during Groundwater Week.

The four candidates are:

· Denis Crayon, CHST, Summit Drilling Co. Inc., Bridgewater, New Jersey

· Robert Keyes, Associated Environmental Industries Corp., Norman, Oklahoma

· Merritt Partridge, CVCLD, Partridge Well Drilling Co. Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

· Fred Rothauge, CWD, Hydro Resources, Fort Lupton, Colorado.

All running for the Board were asked to fill out a questionnaire by the NGWA membership staff. Below are responses from all the candidates to one of the questions.

Why do you want to be a director?

Crayon: My primary focus for the future of NGWA is to increase membership, strengthen the Association, and focus on guiding and influencing future regulatory requirements. By focusing on these keys, it can help benefit groundwater sustainability, geothermal energy, and safety for our industry as a whole.

Keyes: After nearly 40 years of experience in drilling and leading large groups, my goal is to assist NGWA in protecting this nation’s groundwater, the groundwater industry worldwide, and helping prepare the next generation of groundwater professionals through legislation, education, and technology.

Partridge: I am running for the board because I feel there is a lot more I can do for the Association. I have truly enjoyed my last term on the NGWA board and I feel now I have the opportunity to capitalize on all that I’ve learned.

Rothauge: I’m excited to be running for a board position. I want to be able to serve and give back to NGWA, and the water well community, for all the joy, satisfaction, and knowledge this organization has given me. I believe no other industry is as vital to the world population as is water, and through NGWA, we have the ability to learn and educate others to protect this resource for future generations.

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