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Educational Offerings

While we put the finishing touches on the program schedule before we post it, follows is a sneak peek at the workshops, extended learning sessions, and more currently slated to take place at Groundwater Week starting the morning of Tuesday, December 6.

Workshops —

  • A Proven Framework for Building Your Brand
  • Air Drilling Best Practices
  • All Things Hammers and Bits
  • Alternative Drilling Fluids for Deep Large-Diameter Wells
  • Basic Pump Sizing Tools and& Calculations
  • Chlorine, the Most Misunderstood Chemical in the Water Well Industry
  • Constructing and Designing a Well That Is a Good Value to the Owner
  • Energy-Based Hazard Identification
  • Family Business Succession: Estate Planning
  • From Well Digger to Groundwater Professional — Perception to Reality
  • Fundamentals of Electric Motors
  • HE IX Softening — Exchanging Salt for Savings
  • How to Develop a Preventative Maintenance Program for Water Well Systems
  • Innovative Techniques for Well Design — Not for the Faint of Heart
  • Monitoring Nitrate Contamination in Aquifers
  • Off-Grid Water Pumping — Demystifying Solar for You and Your Customer
  • Proper Drill Site Assessment, Preparation, and Execution
  • Pump Panel Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Smart Motors and Intelligent Systems for the Next 100 Years of Groundwater Pumping
  • Sonic Drilling 101
  • Understanding Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Understanding Your Inputs, Protecting Your Margins, and Generating Enough Revenue to Replace Equipment on Schedule
  • Using Social Media and Search Engine Optimization to Grow Your Business
  • Water Well Decommissioning/Sealing
  • Well Performance Evaluation — Data Collection and Analytical Techniques to Assess Well Condition and Performance

Extended learning sessions —

  • Applied Geophysics for Managed Aquifer Recharge Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making Optimization for Managing Complex Groundwater Problems
  • ASR Generation During the Injection Cycle for Energy Saving During Recovery
  • Assessing Private Well Vulnerability — A Tool and Guide to Support Private Well Investigations
  • City of Phoenix ASR Well #302: Recharge, Well Rehabilitation, Bench-Scale Testing, and Lessons Learned
  • Fundamentals of Groundwater Hydrogeology and Applied Hydrologic Methods for Karst Environments
  • Geology Best Practices: Conceptual Site Model Development for Site Characterization and Remediation
  • PFAS Remediation Technologies — An Update to Hydrocarbon Sites

And more including —

  • Distinguished lecturers
  • Effective Application of Multiple ITRC Guidance Documents (four-hour workshop)
  • Experiences in Water Well Drilling in Developing Countries — And How You Can Help (panel discussion)
  • Specifier/Owner: Contractor Conflict During Well Construction Projects — It Takes a Team to Complete a Well (roundtable discussion)
  • Symposium on Variable Frequency Drives (three-hour offering)

Continuing education credit

While NGWA seeks recognition of Groundwater Week education sessions for states’ various continuing education credit requirements, each state is free to determine the specific sessions that are approved and how much credit will be awarded. Once the education sessions for Groundwater Week are scheduled, the information will be sent to the states seeking said recognition. When we hear back from them, that information will be posted here as a resource to help those planning to seek state credit; however, if your state has adopted continuing education requirements, you are ultimately responsible for being aware of what those specific requirements are and the completion of those requirements including the reporting format, where applicable.