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Delegates Meeting

Wednesday, December 7, 5-6 p.m.

Let your voice be heard!

The NGWA Delegates Meeting is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the state of the Association and industry, hear from candidates seeking election to the NGWA Board of Directors, and to consider any proposed changes to the NGWA Code of Regulations.

All are welcome to attend, but only credentialed delegates may sit in the delegate-seating area and cast a vote. To be eligible to serve as a delegate, you must be a current NGWA member and register on-site at the delegates sign-in desk located in the attendee registration area and pick up the appropriate credentials at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. The delegates sign-in desk will be open:

  • Tuesday, December 6 — 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 7 — 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Click here to access the 2022 Delegates Meeting Handbook PDF. (Please note that print copies of the handbook will not be available on-site.)

Meet the NGWA Board of Directors candidates

Five candidates are running for three vacancies on the NGWA Board of Directors. Per Section 7.6 of the code of regulations, the delegates are responsible for electing all directors to NGWA regardless of their membership section. They are as follows (in alphabetical order).

John Boyette Jr., CVCLD (incumbent)

John Boyette Jr. started his well drilling business in 1996. After graduating from Wake Forest University in 1989, he owned a restaurant, and worked at New York Life and Merrill-Lynch. After farming a few years, Boyette found his calling in life. Currently he is the vice president of Boyette Well & Septic Inc. in Wilson, North Carolina. He served on the North Carolina Ground Water Association board for 24 years, holding all offices, including president from 2012 to 2015. Boyette has also served as a commissioner on the North Carolina Well Contractors Certification Commission and on several committees during this period. According to Boyette, it was not until joining Wells of Living Water International — a small mission team that drills wells in the Piura region of Peru — in 2016 that he was truly able to give back to the industry.

Why am I running for the board? I’m seeking reelection to the NGWA Board of Directors because our industry is at a critical point in its direction and the current board works so well together to achieve our long-term goals. NGWA needs to continue to build our industry through educating our members as well as our well owners. I’ve provided continuing educations classes in Wilson since 2000, teaching at least two classes a year. I am currently president of The Groundwater Foundation — furthering my commitment to educating our industry. My biggest competitor is also my best friend, and we are truly “Better Together”!

Travis Denevan

Travis Denevan has 30 years of experience in the water well industry and at one time was licensed in seven of the western states before moving to Alaska in 2009. He bought Valley Well Drilling in 2011 where he has been an owner since. He is actively engaged with his state water well association and the regional Pacific Northwest association where he assists where possible.

Why am I running for the board? If so chosen, I would serve the board where needed to assist in the preservation of our most valuable resource. I feel that a clean drinking water resource is the most important task we can have as an association. We are the stewards entrusted with protection, regulation, and where applicable mitigation of the damages that are inflicted on groundwater. I enjoy being a part of an organization where we can pool thousands of years of experience and put them forth as a resource for governmental regulatory agencies as well as the public for beneficial use.

William McPike

William McPike is the owner/president of Geothermal Drilling Inc. which started in 1991 with one rig and three employees under the direction of Roger and Ruth Bond. Five years later, McPike bought the company, and, under his guidance, they now have three rigs and 17 employees. He has been in the geothermal industry for 30-plus years and holds licenses in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. McPike is currently serving as president of the Texas Ground Water Association, has been an NGWA member for more than 20 years, and is a current member of the NGWA South Central Regional Policy Committee.

Why am I running for the board? Throughout my years of being involved with NGWA, I have learned a great deal from the committees I have been associated with as well as during Groundwater Week each year. It is reassuring to have a connection with others throughout the water industry to seek their help and expertise. If elected, my hopes are to be able to lend my services and knowledge to help educate others in our industry as well as the general public on the importance of our freshwater and how to keep it safe. I want to be someone that everyone feels comfortable picking up the phone to call with their questions, as I have in the past with those that have served before me. I love this industry and those that are involved. It would be my honor to represent Texas as an NGWA director and to promote the water industry!

Fred Rothauge, CWD (incumbent)

Fred Rothauge has been in the drilling and drilling fluids engineering business for 40 years. He is a licensed water well driller in eight western states, past president of the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association, and current board member of NGWA and The Groundwater Foundation. He has coauthored papers on drilling fluid products and is a coauthor for Johnson Screens’ third edition of Groundwater & Wells. Rothauge also serves on the board for the Mountain States Ground Water Association and is chairman of the American Ground Water Trust. He oversees drilling fluids and well rehabilitation along with serving as technical advisor for Hydro Resources.

Why am I running for the board? I am seeking reelection to the board of directors so that I can continue serving our members through the many committees which I serve on. I love our industry and want to stay relevant and continue to learn as well as offer educational opportunities to the membership sharing the knowledge I have gained from the years working in the water well industry.

Charles “Buddy” Sebastian

Charles “Buddy” Sebastian is current VP/GM of Sebastian & Sons Well Drilling Inc. and is a third-generation professional water systems contractor In Michigan. He and his brother have purchased four competitive companies in the last 15 years and have gone from a small one rig, one service rig company to 16 employees, two locations, four rotary rigs, and three cable tool rigs with all the related equipment by applying sound ethical business practices. Sebastian is president of the Michigan Ground Water Association (the only person elected over three times — currently on year five) and is chairman of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Director’s Water Well Advisory Committee. He was appointed by the legislature to represent the groundwater industry on Michigan’s Water Use Advisory Council that reports to the Michigan legislature on groundwater issues that need addressing.

Why am I running for the board? With almost 40 years in the water well industry, I have observed the number of contractors continue to decline across the country, with no one filling the shoes of the business or take over because of no exit plan, poor business practices, or the next generation seeing a dismal profit or living from the business. I would like to help bring NGWA to a position where the water well industry can be “where to work” or “the business to be in” by teaching or helping NGWA member companies to think and preach to be the first option for water, and not the alternative to the water pipe. I believe that a water well professional who is fully trained is one of the most knowledgeable tradesmen in the world and should be valued and compensated to the highest level. And with that being the case, bring the level of professionalism, pay scale, and exit plan thinking, teaching, and planning to our members, so our industry can be the premier industry to work in, so we can attract the next generation and beyond.

Meet the NGWA Suppliers Section Board vice-chair and secretary candidates

The elected individuals will serve as directors on the NGWA Board. There is one candidate for each open position.


Matthew Beasley  

Matthew Beasley, the general manager at the Baron Group LLC in Montverde, Florida, has been employed in the groundwater industry for over 30 years and has been an NGWA member for more than 20 years. He currently serves as a director on the NGWA Suppliers Section Board and in addition to serving on this board in the past, he was an active member of the Texas Ground Water Association (TGWA) while living in Texas and owner of Sunbelt Pump & Supply Inc. 

Why do you want to serve as vice-chair on the Suppliers Section Board? Each year, the importance of our industry in the use and production of our most valuable resource — water — becomes more critical. That task requires purposeful planning, leadership, and participation within our industry to assure continued renewal and delivery of pure, clean water.


Rad Massey

Rad Massey, the manager of CMC Supply Inc. in Macon, Georgia, has been employed in the groundwater industry for 30 years and has been an NGWA member for 20 years. In addition to serving as a director on the Suppliers Section Board, he serves as a suppliers director for the Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals (GAGwP) and has served on that board for 18 years.

Why do you want to serve as secretary on the Suppliers Section Board? The groundwater industry has been good to my family for over 50 years, and I think it is important to give back to the industry. I believe in volunteering to give back whenever you are given the opportunity.