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Delegates Meeting

Wednesday, December 6, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Let your voice be heard!

The NGWA Delegates Meeting is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the state of the Association and industry, hear from candidates seeking election to the NGWA Board of Directors, and to consider any proposed changes to the NGWA Code of Regulations.

All are welcome to attend, but only credentialed delegates may sit in the delegate-seating area and cast a vote. To be eligible to serve as a delegate, you must be a current NGWA member and register on-site at the delegates sign-in desk located in the prefunction area and pick up the appropriate credentials at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. The delegates sign-in desk will be open:

  • Tuesday, December 5 — 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 6 — 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Click here to view and download the 2023 Delegates Meeting Handbook (PDF). Please note that print copies of the handbook will not be available on-site.

Meet the NGWA Board of Directors candidates

Three candidates are running for three vacancies on the NGWA Board of Directors. Per Section 7.6 of the Code of Regulations, the delegates are responsible for electing all Directors to the NGWA regardless of their membership section. They are (in alphabetical order):

Jeremy Bach is the vice president of Bach Drilling Co. in central Washington State. His family has been in the groundwater and well drilling industry for five generations. Having been a helper on drilling rigs since a young age, Bach has been a licensed driller in Washington for 24 years and a licensed pump installer since 2007. He is an active driller and is out on the rig or pump hoist almost every day.

Bach was president of the Washington State Ground Water Association from 2015-2018 and served on its board of directors the previous five years. He serves on the legislative committee, NGWA’s northwest regional policy subcommittee, and is an alternate on the Technical Advisory Group for Washington State.

In 2007, Bach’s county, Kittitas, located in central Washington, was under scrutiny and faced drastic changes to domestic well use that ultimately led to a basin closure. This inspired him to get involved in being a part of smart rulemaking that works for everyone — property owners and contractors — while still protecting the resource.

After those events, Bach recognized the importance of a state groundwater association that has a collaborative effort from all aspects of the industry — hydrogeologists, well drillers, pump installers, and sales personnel/suppliers. He feels everyone in the industry has something at stake and an overall common goal of creating smart solutions that not only protect the resource but also preserve livelihoods.

Why am I seeking a second term on the NGWA Board of Directors?

Over the last four years of serving on the NGWA Board, I have seen how important it is to our industry. One example is at the start of the COVID shutdowns NGWA served as a beacon for everyone in the industry for information on our “essential job” classification. With all the new rules and shutdowns, NGWA’s website had the information we all needed to continue work. This alone made me see how NGWA supported my livelihood and led the way in protecting members’ day to day jobs during the shutdowns.

After being on the board, you get to see how everyone does contribute to the overall decision-making process — it is not just a cliché. Every facet of the groundwater industry is represented by people who care enough to donate their time to a greater cause. For me personally, I will be out at a drill site and, on days that we have a meeting, I will shut down and get on a conference call. While most people think of this as a pain, I have come to look at it as my little bit of time giving to a greater cause. That cause being our groundwater industry. Everyone on the board of directors does this and more for the greater good of our industry.

I would encourage everyone to think about running for the board, or any volunteer opportunities in NGWA. You will find the most dedicated people behind the scenes and the absolute best group of individuals on the board and on committees. The last four years on the board have truly been the best thing that I have done in the groundwater industry, and I feel lucky to have served and would like to continue my service.

Robert C. Keyes, CWD, began his drilling career through a close friend in the summer of 1977. From this humble start he founded Associated Environmental Industries Corp., a full-service drilling company, in February 1992. After many years of leading this successful water well and environmental drilling company, he began purchasing environmental engineering and consulting firms (StanTech LLC, EQUUS Environmental LLC, and Genesis Environmental Solutions LLC) to offset the contracting side of the drilling business.

This move has become very important to the stability of all his businesses and now lets him give back to the groundwater industry. He currently serves in the following positions: board director for the Oklahoma Ground Water Association and has served in all board positions, and chairman of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s “Contractor Advisory Council” and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s “STACK” Storage Tank Advisory Council — both are governor appointments.

Keyes began his first term as a director for NGWA at Groundwater Week, December 2016, and has served in many leadership capacities during all the turbulent changes in our world.

Why am I seeking a second term on the NGWA Board of Directors?

With 46 years of proven experience in drilling and 34-plus years in groundwater, my goals are to assist NGWA in protecting groundwater and the groundwater industry through technology, education, and legislation.

Chauncey H. Leggett, CWD/PI, CVCLD, is a second-generation well driller. For 39 years he has been building his company into a full-service water well company. Leggett is president of Lake Valley Well Co. Inc. His company drills rock wells, mud rotary wells, and geothermal wells. Lake Valley Well installs pump systems and water treatment in the residential, agricultural, and commercial markets.

Leggett is a member of the North Carolina Ground Water Association. After serving on its board, he is now a past president of NCGWA. Leggett is also a commissioner on the North Carolina Well Contractors Certification Commission and sits on the Review Committee.

He is also a long-time member of NGWA. Leggett participates in the voluntary certification program. He serves on the government affairs committee and is chairman of the southeast regional policy subcommittee of NGWA. After years of evolving into a professional groundwater contractor, Leggett has learned through participation: “Together we are better.”

Why am I seeking a second term on the NGWA Board of Directors?

My hope of being reelected as a director of NGWA is to share my compassion for groundwater in this industry and beyond. All the directors on this board have worked hard on creating new tools which will aid in running an even more efficient and profitable business. Education at the newly created NGWA University will provide the tools needed today and will also contribute to those in the future who choose to practice in this great industry.

Continuing to be a director of the NGWA Board would enable me to be in the position to promote those opportunities to the membership, well owners, lawmakers, and the public at large, which would truly be an honor. What better platform is there than NGWA to bring people together to become involved in providing, protecting, and preserving our most precious resource? Together we are truly better.

Meet your Manufacturers Section Board secretary candidate

The elected individual will serve as a director on the NGWA Board. There is one candidate for one open position.

Chip Nelson is the director of sales for GEFCO, a Bauer Equipment America company. GEFCO, a world leader in mobile drill design and manufacturing, is headquartered in Conroe, Texas.

Nelson started his career at GEFCO in sales as a region manager in 1993. His industry knowledge dates to his father who worked in the drilling industry and his grandfather who was a pioneer in the early days of rotary drilling. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Nelson’s product and customer knowledge makes him well known throughout the industry.

He served on the NGWA Board of Directors from 2004-2010 and served as the manufacturers division chair during his time on the board.

Why am I running for the secretary position on the Manufacturers Section Board of Directors?

I was asked to step up and I will because I support the groundwater industry and NGWA.

Meet your Scientists and Engineers Section Board vice-chair candidates

The elected individual will serve as a director on the NGWA Board. There are two candidates for one open position. The candidates — in alphabetical order — are as follows:

Michael Cruikshank, PG CHG, is a vice president and principal hydrogeologist at Water Systems Consulting in Laguna Hills, California, and was elected to the board of the Scientists and Engineers Section of NGWA in 2019. He received his B.S. in geology and his M.S. in civil engineering from California State University, Fullerton and is a professional geologist and certified hydrogeologist in the State of California. Cruikshank has over 17 years of technical and project management experience. He has led projects in large stakeholder environments including the development and implementation of groundwater sustainability plans, salt and nutrient management plans, and the groundwater components of large water resource programs. Cruikshank began his NGWA journey as a college student under Dr. Laton’s mentorship presenting his senior thesis at the 2006 Groundwater Summit in San Antonio, Texas, where he won the Farvolden Award, which led to his first job in the groundwater industry. He has continued to engage with NGWA over the years through attendance and volunteer activities at many Groundwater Summits/Weeks and on committees.

Why am I running for vice-chair of the Scientists and Engineers Section Board?

I am running for the position of vice-chair on the Scientists and Engineers Section Board with a primary goal to engage the next generation of emerging professionals and champion the groundwater industry as an exceptionally fulfilling career choice and advocate for sustainable groundwater solutions on a national scale. My past two terms as an SES director have been incredibly enriching. During this time, I have had the privilege to volunteer, collaborate, and become friends with prominent figures in the groundwater industry. Their insights and dedication have inspired me to deepen my involvement in NGWA.

NGWA is a unique organization that places a significant emphasis on fostering collaboration among contractors, manufacturers, and scientists and engineers. This synergy is what makes a career in the groundwater industry exceptionally rewarding. I aim to continue nurturing this spirit of collaboration and growth as a director on the NGWA Board.

R. Jeffrey Davis, PE, CGWP, is a licensed civil and environmental engineer and certified groundwater professional with almost 30 years of global experience working on every continent except Antarctica. He currently serves on the board of directors for NGWA’s Scientists and Engineers Section. Davis has been involved in a number of groundwater litigation cases. He also has been involved in remediation projects throughout the country for most of his career and has spent many years working on coal combustion residual landfills and other waste impoundments. He has developed and used numerous groundwater models for the mining and energy industries, including projects involving environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, water management, groundwater/surface water contamination, dewatering, and water supply and treatment. He has extensive knowledge of groundwater flow-and-transport principles and has taught numerous workshops and classes in the United States and around the world. His current focus is on water and groundwater sustainability and drought resiliency. Davis has extensive experience in the design and implementation of aquifer storage and recovery projects across the country.

Why am I running for vice-chair of the Scientists and Engineers Section Board?

I have been involved in NGWA activities since the early 1990s. From the early days of teaching groundwater and groundwater modeling principles to participating in a number of task force groups, my desire has always been to serve and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and best practices. I am proud of my years of volunteer service here at NGWA. I have enjoyed serving these past few years on the Scientists and Engineers Section Board of Directors. I have learned a lot about the organization and its members. One of my particular assignments has been to work with the Membership Committee. I believe we can turn our declining numbers around and grow our membership. It starts at the academic level by getting young professionals interested in our organization. Recently, we organized a “Young Professionals” workshop under the direction of Sue Tenney. It was a great success. I enjoy serving in an organization with my colleagues and friends, with those that I look up to for guidance and support, and those that I have the opportunity to mentor and share my knowledge and skills with. Last year I was in Columbus and was able to see Kathy Butcher one last time before her retirement. I have known and worked with her for 30-plus years. She was the embodiment of NGWA and in large part my continuous desire to be involved in this organization. When she called to ask me to do something I said “yes.” I will continue to help the organization grow and advance groundwater awareness both locally in my community and state as well as across the country.