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Make sure to stop by NGWA’s booth to learn about all the new happenings for The Groundwater Foundation

Make sure you stop by the NGWA booth at the end of the 1400 and 1500 aisles in the exhibit hall to learn about all the new happenings for The Groundwater Foundation. Find out how you can get involved, have some fun, and help support the future of groundwater!

Below are what you will find from The Groundwater Foundation.

  • Sponsor A Classroom is a new campaign from The Groundwater Foundation that sends Awesome Aquifer kits directly to eager educators! The aim is to supply classrooms around the country with our Next Generation Science Standards-aligned Awesome Aquifer kit either in their physical form or the brand-new digital format, Awesome Aquifer 360. If you want to support groundwater education, find out how you can donate today or give the gift of fun learning by sponsoring a classroom.
  • Awesome Aquifer 360 is the brand-new digital model of our Next Generation Science Standards-aligned Awesome Aquifer kit. Awesome Aquifer 360 allows students of any age to actively engage with groundwater fundamentals. In partnership with Oklahoma State University, Awesome Aquifer 360 will launch in January of 2022 and educators can purchase log-in tokens at that time. Want to see a sneak preview? Check out a video which shows some of what will encompass Awesome Aquifer 360.
  • NGWA and Oklahoma State University recently collaborated on Drilling Basics Online to address a projected shortfall of geoscience workers, improve contractor skills, and increase safety in the groundwater professions. It is a series of online training courses that can aid new hires, industry professionals, and college students with cutting-edge training modules. The entire program can serve as an excellent orientation for entry level workers and prepare them for more on-the-job training and certification or licensing exams, as well as lead to university degrees. Drilling Basics Online consists of five eight-hour sessions, the first of which recently debuted.
  • What’s better than a cold beer made from groundwater? How about drinking it from a Groundwater Foundation pint glass? Groundwater Foundation pint glasses are a great way to support the Foundation and all that it does. So, head to the NGWA booth and get a beer in a Groundwater Foundation pint glass. The cost is only $10, and all proceeds go to support the Foundation’s mission to protect groundwater.

The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization operated by NGWA connecting people, businesses, and communities through local groundwater education and action, making everyone a part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater. Click here to learn more.