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This page contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about union rules in Las Vegas.

Note: The Las Vegas Convention Center is a union facility. Neither NGWA or Shepard Exposition Services can modify or exempt exhibitors from following these union rules.

Applicable facilities: Las Vegas Convention Center and any casino ballroom.

Exhibit labor jurisdiction

Teamsters union exhibit labor claims jurisdiction for the installation, dismantling, and first cleaning of prefabricated exhibits and displays. However, exhibitors may set up their own exhibit display if they are a full-time employee of the exhibiting company with proof of employment and proper identification. The union’s jurisdiction does not cover the placement of your products on display, the opening of cartons containing your products, nor the performance, testing, maintenance, or repairs of your products.

Exhibitors are not permitted to use tools of any type (screwdrivers, hammers, electric drills, power saws, etc.) on booths of any size, unless they are full-time employees of the exhibiting company with proof of employment and proper identification.

When union labor is required, you may provide your company personnel to work along with a union installer on a one-to-one basis. All company working personnel must have proof of employment with the said exhibiting company. If the exhibiting company chooses to hire an exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) for install or dismantle they are required to use local union members.

Material/freight handling jurisdiction

The Teamsters have jurisdiction over all unloading and reloading of materials. The union also has jurisdiction over the operation of all material handling equipment — this includes all dollies and hand trucks. It also has the jurisdiction of the unloading, uncrating, unskidding, leveling, painting, and assembly of machinery and equipment, as well as the reverse process.

An exhibitor may “hand carry” material provided they do not use any material handling equipment to assist them. When exhibitors choose to hand carry material, they may not be permitted access to the loading dock/freight door areas. Items must be carried by hand, by one person.

Vehicles must not be left unattended at the loading areas. Any unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Tipping is expressly prohibited. This includes such practices as giving money, merchandise, or other special consideration for services rendered.

Do not give coffee breaks other than mid-morning and mid-afternoon, when the union has a 15-minute paid break. Meal breaks are one hour.

Any attempt to solicit a gratuity by an employee for any service should be reported immediately to Shepard Exposition Services.

In general

Exhibitors do not have to respond to grievances or complaints from union and trade personnel with respect to work jurisdictions. Please refer all such disputes and/or questions to Shepard management personnel immediately.


Safety of everyone working in the hall is of our utmost concern at all times. Standing on chairs, tables and other rental furniture is prohibited. This furniture is not engineered to support your standing weight. Shepard Exposition Services cannot be held responsible for injuries or falls caused by the improper use of this furniture. If assistance is required in assembling your booth, please order labor on the labor order form included and the necessary ladders and tools will be provided.