Answers to FAQs about Union Rules in Las Vegas

Note: The Las Vegas Convention Center is a Union Facility. Neither NGWA or Shepard Exposition Services can modify or exempt exhibitors from following these union rules.

Applicable Facilities: Las Vegas Convention Center and any Casino Ballroom

Material Handling           

  • Can exhibitor carry in merchandise/items into hall by themselves? Yes, hand-carry ONLY.
  • Can exhibitor use a hand truck or dolly/wheeled cart to bring exhibit materials into the hall? Exhibitors can only hand-carry items or use a 2-wheeled personal cart. Otherwise, this must be handled by the GC.


  • Can shop supervisor or exhibitor work in this city or supervise ONLY? Supervise only.
  • Can the exhibitor install and dismantle their display? Yes, full-time company employees ONLY can do this. However it must require no tools and take no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Can the exhibitor use tools to set up their displays?
  • Can the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) set-up steel deck structures? Yes, but the structure must be pre-approved by building engineering. Copies of approval are required on-site during install.


  • Electrical service - from overhead or floor? Both are used – it depends on the location of the exhibit in the hall.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC run electrical cords under carpet? All cords must be supplied by show electricians and all booth incoming supply cords must be laid by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC run electrical cords above carpet? All electrical work is handled by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor or EAC plug lights and/or other devices into booth electrical outlets? All electrical work is handled by show electricians.
  • Can exhibitor/shop/EAC place lights? Can exhibitor/shop/EAC insert Duratrans in light boxes? Yes to placing lights and inserting duratrans in light boxes, but no to hanging lights.
  • Can Genie Lifts be used?


  • Who can vacuum the booth carpet? EACs can SPOT vacuum a given area of a booth’s carpet ONLY. Full booth cleaning is the responsibility of the GC.
  • Can exhibitor/shop have food/beverage brought into facility? All food or beverage must be purchased from the center catering service.
  • Is there access to local specialty vendors?
  • Can EAC assemble hanging signage? This is the responsibility of GC rigging. EACs cannot assemble any hanging sign.