NGWA Delegates Meeting

Wednesday, December 4, 5:15-6:15 p.m.

Let your voice be heard!

Taking place after the exhibit hall closes on Wednesday, the NGWA Delegates Meeting is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the state of the Association and industry, hear from candidates seeking election to the NGWA Board of Directors, and to consider any proposed changes to the NGWA Code of Regulations.

All are welcome to attend, but only credentialed delegates may sit in the delegate-seating area and cast a vote.

To be eligible to serve as a delegate, you must be a current NGWA member and register on-site at the delegates sign-in desk — which will be located next to the attendee registration area in the main concourse of the Las Vegas Convention Center — to pick up the appropriate credentials. The delegates sign-in desk will be open:

    • Tuesday, December 3 — 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
    • Wednesday, December 4 — 10 a.m.-4:45 p.m.

Be there early!

A cash bar will be open before the NGWA Delegates Meeting starting at 4:15 p.m., so stop in to grab a drink and mingle before the meeting begins!

Meet your national board candidates

Three candidates are running for three vacancies on the NGWA Board of Directors. Per Section 7.6 of the Code of Regulations, the delegates are responsible for electing all directors to NGWA regardless of their membership section. The candidates, in alphabetical order, are as follows.

Jeremy Bach

Jeremy BachJeremy Bach is the vice president of Bach Drilling Co. in central Washington State. His family has been in the groundwater and well drilling industry for five generations. Having been a helper on drilling rigs since a young age, Bach has been a licensed driller in Washington for 20 years and a licensed pump installer since 2007. He is an active driller and out on the rig or pump hoist most every day.

Bach was president of the Washington State Ground Water Association from 2015-2018 and served on its board of directors the previous five years. He serves on the legislative committee, NGWA’s Northwest Regional Policy Subcommittee, and is an alternate on the Technical Advisory Group for Washington State.

In 2007, Bach’s county, Kittitas, located in central Washington, was under scrutiny and faced drastic changes to domestic well use that ultimately led to a basin closure. This inspired him to get involved in being a part of smart rulemaking that works for everyone — property owners and contractors — while still protecting the resource. After those events, Bach recognized the importance of a state groundwater association that has a collaborative effort from all aspects of the industry — hydrogeologists, well drillers, pump installers, and sales personnel/suppliers. He feels everyone in the industry has something at stake and an overall common goal of creating smart solutions that not only protect the resource but also preserve livelihoods.

Why am I running for the NGWA Board of Directors?

I really enjoy working with everyone from each facet of the industry and being a part of solving problems. Getting the opportunity to be involved with my state association has taught me that you always have to be looking ahead and be proactive when water issues arise. Sharing perspectives gained from dealing with challenging domestic well regulations in Washington State and letting others know how our state association dealt with them would help others avoid going through the same trials and tribulations that happened to me. Getting to be a part of the board of NGWA would be an honor. Drilling is my life and I can’t think of a better way to give back.

Robert C. Keyes

Robert C. KeyesRobert C. Keyes is president and owner of Associated Environmental Industries Corp., a full-service drilling company; StanTech LLC, an environmental engineering and consulting company; and EQUUS Environmental LLC, an environmental engineering and consulting company in Norman, Oklahoma. He has been employed in the drilling and groundwater industry for 42 years. He’s been active in serving to protect the groundwater of Oklahoma by being a key part of creating the Oklahoma Ground Water Association. As the only remaining founding member, Keyes is still serving on its board of directors. He has served on the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s Well Drillers Advisory Council since its formation in 1998. The position is appointed by the governor for the purpose of creating and maintaining laws that protect the groundwater of Oklahoma and the industry.

Why am I running for the NGWA Board of Directors?

After nearly 43 years of experience in drilling and leading large groups, my goal is to assist NGWA in protecting this nation’s groundwater, the groundwater industry worldwide, and helping prepare the next generation of groundwater professionals through legislation, education, and technology.

Chauncey H. Leggett, CWD/PI

Chauncey H. Leggett, CWD/PIChauncey H. Leggett, CWD/PI, is a second-generation well driller and president of Lake Valley Well Co. Inc. in Tarboro, North Carolina. He has been building his company into a full-service water well company for 35 years, as it drills rock wells, mud rotary wells, and geothermal wells, and installs pump systems and does water treatment in the residential, agricultural, and commercial markets.

Leggett is a member of the North Carolina Ground Water Association. He has served on the NCGWA board, as well as serving as its secretary and treasurer. He is currently in his fourth year as president. Leggett is also a long-time member of NGWA. He participates in NGWA’s Voluntary Certification Program, serves on the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee and Government Affairs Committee, and is chair of the Southeast Regional Policy Subcommittee. After years of evolving into a professional groundwater contractor, Leggett has learned through participation that “together we are better.”

Why am I running for the NGWA Board of Directors?

My hope of becoming a director of NGWA is to share my passion for groundwater in this industry and beyond. Through the education that NGWA provides, to be a director and in the position to promote these opportunities to the membership, well owners, lawmakers, and the public at large would truly be an honor. What better platform is there than NGWA to bring people together to become involved in providing, protecting, and preserving our most precious resource? Together we are truly better.

Meet the Scientists and Engineers Section Board vice-chair candidates

This year’s Scientists and Engineers Section Board vice-chair candidates, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows. This individual also serves as a director on the NGWA Board. There are two candidates for one open position.

Seth Kellogg, PG

Seth Kellogg, PGSeth Kellogg, PG, is a senior geologist at Geosyntec Consultants in Ringoes, New Jersey, and was elected to the board of the Scientist and Engineers Section of NGWA in 2016. She has 25 years of experience in evaluating complex contaminant hydrogeology and groundwater/surface water interactions, including large groundwater and sediment sites in New York and New Jersey.

Among some of the activities that Kellogg has done for NGWA through her membership are serving as a member of the NGWA Government Affairs Committee since 2011, volunteering for the Groundwater Week and Groundwater Summit planning committees multiple years, serving on the 2018 PFAS in Groundwater Workshop planning committee, taking part as a session moderator for the Groundwater Summit, and attending the Groundwater Fly-In multiple times.

Why am I running for vice-chair of the Scientists and Engineers Section Board?

My first term as an SES director was very rewarding as we moved toward better communication and integration between the sections. I believe NGWA should provide critical technical leadership in groundwater policy, characterization, and remediation. One of NGWA’s strengths is the promotion of cross-learning between the sections to provide tools and technologies to solve complex groundwater contamination and management problems. I will continue to work to improve these opportunities for members and, by doing so, strengthen the critical role NGWA serves integrating science, engineering, technology, materials, and execution into sustainable solutions.

David Lipson, Ph.D., PG

David Lipson, Ph.D., PGDavid Lipson, Ph.D., PG, is the principal hydrogeologist at HRS Water Consultants Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado, and was elected to the board of the Scientist and Engineers Section of NGWA in 2017. He specializes in groundwater and surface water hydrology, groundwater/surface water interactions, water quality, fate, and transport of contaminants, groundwater remediation, and geochemistry. He has more than 28 years of solving complicated water and environmental problems all around the world.

A long-time member of NGWA, among Lipson’s activities for the Association are serving as a Groundwater® associate editor since 2008, being a member of the NGWA Awards Committee, volunteering for the Groundwater Summit planning committees multiple years, serving as a member of the NGWA Membership, ANSI/NGWA Industry Personnel Standard, and CGWP Skills/Competency task forces, and attending the NGWA Fly-In.

Why am I running for vice-chair of the Scientists and Engineers Section Board?

The greatest challenge our groundwater industry faces is public ignorance because groundwater is unseen, unknown, and unheard. NGWA is the best hope we have of overcoming this obstacle, but only by working together and focusing on advancing groundwater knowledge. As a vice-chair, I pledge to be visible and vocal to the public and will continue to have an even greater impact helping NGWA combat groundwater ignorance on behalf of all members.