Watch out for these scams


These companies do not represent NGWA or Groundwater Week:

The following individuals/companies have reportedly contacted Groundwater Week attendees or exhibitors.  (Note: This list is updated as additional companies are reported.)


Every year we learn about new scams perpetrated by unscrupulous people that want to rob attendees and exhibitors of their hard-earned money.

NGWA is using this page to post information about any known scams to help you and your money stay safe.

Global Elite Travel Group – This group is sending out emails that state they are accepting reservations for NGWA 2018 - National Ground Water Week.  


There is no “official” independent group (like Global Elite Travel) representing NGWA or the Westgate with respect to Groundwater Week.  

Those wishing to stay at the Westgate Hotel ( NGWA Headquarters) should book directly through Westgate  either online at 

or over the phone by calling (800) 635-7711 and provide the group code SNGW8R.

Attendee lists for sale - Every year exhibitors receive emails offering to sell them the Groundwater Week attendee list. 

These are always a scam! NGWA does not and has never provided attendee information to anyone other than exhibitors and sponsors of the show.

Here are a few things you can do in order not to be scammed:

  1. First, try to find their presence on the web by typing in the domain name from listed in the email address (many times nothing will come up).
  2. Next, I always do a search on . This will sometimes show you who owns the domain name.
  3. Lastly, look to see if they have any contact information (phone number or physical address listed in their email) or information regarding how to opt out of their emails. These are required for all commercial marketing messages by both the US’s SPAM-ACT and Canada’s CAN-SPAM Act. All legitimate businesses list these in marketing messages.

If you do receive a scam, please let me know at, so that I can update this page with the latest information