While NGWA seeks recognition of Groundwater Week education sessions for states’ various continuing education credit requirements, each state is free to determine to what degree and how much credit it will award. The information on this page is provided as a resource to help those planning to seek state credit; however, if your state has adopted continuing education requirements, you are responsible for being aware of what those specific requirements are and the completion of those requirements including the reporting format, where applicable. The value of credit awarded and requirements vary by state. Those who seek to use these events should check with their individual oversight bodies as to whether they are acceptable for continuing education credit.

The following agencies have approved NGWA’s Groundwater Week 2019 for continuing education credit (listing current as of November 27, 2019):

The Groundwater Week 2019 program has been submitted to the following agencies — please note these are still pending and have not yet been approved:

    • Idaho Department of Water Resources/Idaho Groundwater Association
    • Kansas Ground Water Association
    • Maryland Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators
    • Maryland State Board of Well Drillers
    • Massachusetts Licensed Site Professionals Board
    • New Hampshire Operator Certification Program
    • New Hampshire Water Well Board
    • Oregon Water Resources Department
    • Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
    • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
    • Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
    • West Virginia Office of Environment Health Services.

If there is an agency not listed here that you wish to have NGWA’s offerings reported to in the future, please let us know by sending an email to certification@ngwa.org.

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