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Well Evaluation, Troubleshooting, and Rehabilitation Short Course

Monday, December 4, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Come early to Las Vegas to take advantage of attending this optional one-day short course taught by Marvin F. Glotfelty, RG, and Douglas Hunter.

Wells are a critical part of any groundwater supply system, but every well requires periodic maintenance and they will all eventually develop problems. Diagnosing well performance problems can be challenging, as the causes of declining groundwater production are sometimes obscure or even counterintuitive. After the problem has been identified, there will still be challenges to effectively rehabilitate the well.

This in-person short course will provide a logical progression of analytical techniques and case studies, so you will gain familiarity with methods and perspectives that will help guide you through the maze of well evaluation/rehabilitation alternatives and pitfalls. Multiple well assessment tools and techniques will be presented, along with various methods for structural modification of wells. You will participate in brief breakout groups so you can gain hands-on experience with the application of these analytical techniques.

Who should attend?

  • Hydrologists, geologists, engineers, and other groundwater professionals
  • Managers with planning, specifying, and oversight responsibilities for groundwater supply or managed aquifer recharge (MAR) projects
  • Water well contractors
  • Federal, state, and local natural resources personnel
  • Public and private water system managers/officials.

Course agenda

Classification of well problems with breakout session activity

  • Is it a well, pump, or aquifer problem?
  • Possible symptoms of the problem

Well analysis tools with breakout session activities

  • Literature review and general investigation
  • Aquifer testing
  • Pump equipment evaluation
  • Video survey analyses
  • Flow profile analysis
  • Other surveys

Well rehabilitation methods with breakout session

  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Chemical treatment
  • Structural modification of the well
  • Post treatment follow-up

Course CEUs: 0.8

Fees and registration

There is a separate fee for this short course and you must register to attend it separately from Groundwater Week by clicking here.

On/before November 3

  • NGWA member — $349
  • Nonmember — $499

Starting November 4

  • NGWA member — $449
  • Nonmember — $599

Team discounts up to 10 percent available. Click for more details.

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